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What is CBT?

For anyone living with emotional and psychological distress, the variety of therapeutic approaches available is bewildering. Each approach has its value and many people feel that there is one particular model which suits them best. We offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) because (as indicated by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence – NICE) research evidence suggests that it is the most effective treatment for a number of conditions. We believe that CBT offers clients the possibility of regaining control of their lives in a way that is respectful, collaborative and cost-effective.

The idea behind CBT is that we develop patterns of thinking and behaviour in response to life experiences and events. These patterns may, initially, have served some kind of useful function or defence against anxiety or distress. However, in many cases, these patterns outlive their usefulness and get in the way of our living healthy, happy and productive lives.

CBT enables clients to gain insight and understanding into ways in which their thoughts and behaviour can actually maintain rather than alleviate anxiety and distress. As CBT practitioners, we work with clients to explore the patterns they have established and to introduce new ways of behaving and looking at themselves, at others and the world around them.





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